Matthew Landry is the wine director for the Stable Hospitality Group in Vancouver, Canada, as well as the General Manager of Fiore Restaurant.  He also is the winner of the title of BC’s Best Sommelier (2019). He did not make this carbonara recipe but he eats far too much of it.

Wine: 2018 Poggio Le Volpi Malvasia Puntinata
Dish: The Stable House’s Spaghettini Carbonara

Malvasia Puntinata is an indigenous grape of the Lazio region of Italy (the area surrounding Rome). This high-quality grape makes for a bracing wine with flavours of lemon pith, green apple and light white flowers. Matched with a local delicacy – carbonara – Malvasia Puntinata offsets the salty bacon and creamy egg of this perfect wintertime meal.

Stable House's Spaghettini Carbonara

180 grams egg yolk
100 grams bacon fat
200 grams butter
200 grams water
16 grams garlic, minced 
50 gram shallot, minced


Directions: Put all ingredients in a 'vac' bag. Sous vide at 75 C for 30 minutes. Add prepared spaghettini into a pan. Add sauce (2-3 tablespoons per portion, or desired amount).  Add black pepper (lots of it) to taste. Serve immediately.