Quebec Gin

Distilling Terroir


Distillerie Cirka Gin Sauvage

Made from a base crafted from 100 per cent Quebec-grown corn, then distilled with a custom pot still and seasoned botanicals, sourced from Quebec’s boréal forest. Complex, fragrant and boasting a scent of the woods.


Romeo’s Gin

Romeo takes a somewhat different viewpoint of making a gin reflective of its place. This gin, seasoned with a unique blend of cucumber, dill, lavender, almond, lemon and juniper, was inspired by the flavours of a bowl of soup the distillery owner’s wife discovered at a Montreal bistro.


Distillerie Mariana Canopée Dry Gin Forestier

Along with the classic juniper seasoning, this award-winning gin gets its distinctive, but not overpowering, resin-like notes from the use of locally sourced black spruce, white cedar, maple and oak.


Peter McAuslan’s Holy Smoke! Gin

Legendary Quebec brewer Peter McAuslan sold his brewery in 2013, but never lost his love of great liquid. Not surprising, his Holy Smoke! Gin contains a little cascade hops, along with classic juniper and citrus peel. This is a gin you can sip and savour.



Royal Canadian Punch

Recipe by Jeff Van Horne, The Clever Barkeep


750 ml Romeo Gin, chilled

750 ml Mission Hill Reserve Pinot Noir, chilled

375 ml fresh lemon oleo-saccharum*

2 lemons

Fresh strawberries, sliced

15 ml Dillon’s Absinthe

1 L sparkling water, chilled

750 ml Benjamin Bridge Brut


Combine Romeo Gin (Quebec), Mission Hill Reserve Pinot Noir (British Columbia), lemon oleo-saccharum, sparkling water and Benjamin Bridge Brut (Nova Scotia) in a punch bowl. Lastly add Dillon’s Absinthe (Ontario). to the punch bowl. Taste punch to make sure it is balanced. Garnish with lemon wheels (quartered) and strawberry slices.


* In a large container combine 1 ½ cups sugar with peels of 6 lemons. Juice the lemons and reserve.  Muddle lemon peels in sugar for about 10 minutes. Let sit for 3 to 4 hours. Add the lemon juice to the lemon sugar. Mix until sugar is dissolved. Strain mixture before using.