Wines labelled as Côtes du Rhône represent a large percentage of the wine production of the Rhône Valley but there is little generic about them. The wines reflect the personalities of the people that make them and the grape varietals used in the blend. Having an understanding of the character of the individual varietals will go a long way to helping you discover a Côtes du Rhône to suit your taste.

Côtes du Rhône by the numbers
Production Area (Rhône): approximately 30,750 hectares
Total Production (Rhône): approximately 1,280,000 hectolitres
Average Yield (Rhône): 42 hectorlitres/hectare (2018)
Permitted Varietals: 21 varietals may be used to produce Côtes du Rhône 
Communes (Côtes du Rhône): 171
Communes (Côtes du Rhône Villages): 21

Percentage of total production:




5 traditional regional dishes to enjoy with Côtes du Rhône 

Saucisson de Lyon: a large sausage made with minced beef and diced bacon.
Caillettes: a cross of pork pâté and pork meatball wrapped in seasonal greens.
Grillades de boeuf à  la moelle: grilled beef with marrow bone.
Quenelles sauce nantua: fish dumplings served with a crayfish (lobster) flavoured béchamel sauce
Brandade: salted cod mixed with pureed potatoes, garlic and olive oil.