CAPS BC President Mark Taylor pairs the itense flavours of Savennières with an autumn-inspired gnocchi.

The Sommelier: Mark Taylor, President CAPS BC
The Appellation: Savennières
AOP Key Varietals: Chenin Blanc
The Pairing: Autumn Gnocchi

We just launched our new fall menu which includes an Autumn Gnocchi. This rich and savoury dish is full of many of my favourite fall ingredients including butternut squash and sage brown butter. In this case we top the dish with walnuts and oat crumbs for extra texture and flavour. When I recommend a wine to go with this dish, I often suggest a Savennières from the Loire Valley. The Chenin Blanc-based wines of this appellation have an intensity of flavour

capable of holding up the rich flavours of this dish. They also boast crisp acidity along with

which keeps your palate quenched and keen for the next rich bite.  All in all, it’s a fantastic pairing inspired by fall flavour.