Alberta's Tom Firth recommends Crémant de Loire with seared scallops.

The Sommelier: Tom Firth, Culinaire Magazine, Alberta Beverage Awards, Beverage Judge, Freelance Drinks Writer, President CAPS Alberta
The Appellation: Crémant de Loire
AOP Key Varietals:  Chenin Blanc
The Pairing: Seared Scallops and Bitter Greens

Crémant de Loire is wonderfully popular in Alberta as it continually delivers versatility, complexity, and much needed bubbles – at a fantastic price. Despite being several hundred kilometers from the ocean. We are lucky to have access to quite a lot of quality seafood, and there is nothing quite like finely seared scallops with some local greens, and perhaps a roaring fire nearby while the weather gets cold. The mineral-leaning wines of Crémant de Loire draw out the salinity of the scallops and greens, but also provided a compliment to the dish- without overwhelming the delicacy either.