The Sommelier: Kelcie Jones, Best Sommelier of British Columbia 2023
The Appellation:
Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Clisson
AOP Key Varietals:
Melon de Bourgogne
The Pairing: Shrimp Toast

I love that cru Muscadet packs both power and delicacy at the same time. The wines of Clisson hold all the signatures of Muscadet such as refreshing acidity, salty oceanic minerality, bright citrusy fruit, but presents them in such an elegant and commanding package. All these flavours- the freshness of ocean breeze, squeezing juicy lemons, salty rocks underfoot— feel and taste of summer and Muscadet in tandem. 

As far as food pairing, Muscadet from Clisson has a lick of saltiness that pairs seamlessly with shrimp toast. This classic dim sum dish has a crunchy fried exterior for the fresh acidity of Muscadet to pierce, yet a soft and delicate shrimp and egg flavour complimented perfectly by the lees-y, toasty flavour of the wine.